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I'm on the verge of adulthood and all I want to do is curl up with a book, a blanket and a coffee. Books bring peace, and allow me to fall in love over and over and over again. It's the dream life - really.

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It's books like these that really annoy me. Characters aside, the whole content of the story really pisses me off. Since when is it okay for a guy to treat a girl like shit, and still get what he wants? I don't care that the girl may want it to, she's rewarding the guy for his jerk-ish, asshole-ish behaviour - and I can't stand it. 


Bianca is a cynical and loyal character, and I love that she isn’t afraid to give Wesley what he deserves, and make him aware of his flaws. What I hate most in high school in when guys like Wesley get what they want, and feel like their entitled to it, and that they’re just so “awesome”. From experience I’m probably a little bias, but I think he deserved the verbal abuse he got from Bianca, and the cherry coke in the face. But Bianca took the wrong turn when she started her “no string attached” relationship, because isn’t she just giving Wesley what he wants? And letting him feel like he deserves it and can still treat her like shit? This here really annoyed me – for someone who doesn’t like him, actually continuously makes it blatantly obvious that she hates him, and then turns around and starts kissing and having sex with him, all the while he’s calling her “Duff” and unconsciously putting her down. I feel that, whilst the “Duff” is getting the attention of the most popular, womaniser of the school, it’s for all the wrong reasons and gives a really bad example.

Wesley, although somewhat charming towards the end, and we do see a change in him as the story progresses, still never wormed his way into my heart because of our initial encounters. Again, I’m probably bias because of guys at my school who are exactly like him – but I feel that Bianca shouldn’t have even given him the time of day. He throws the word “Duff” and “Duffy” around every time he sees her, and makes her feel bad about herself – and I absolutely hate that Bianca never stands up for herself and tells him, instead she just lets him treat her like shit. And whilst, yes, there was a blush and swoon as I read the small letter her wrote her – that one line of scrawled handwriting didn’t change what he’d already done. Wesley had made his bed, and now he had to lay in it. 

In terms of writing and plot, it wasn’t the best. No offence to Kody, but she isn’t one of the best storytellers out there (compared to others books that I’ve read). I just found this story a little dull and boring at times, and some of the characters just didn’t feel write to me. Some aspects of the story felt cliched and soap-opera-y, which is exactly how I felt reading Pushing the Limits. So in turns of construction, a little of the bleh side. I’m sure personal prejudice is getting in the way of me truly enjoying and loving this book, but I still can’t get past the core of the story – which is that the womaniser treats a girl like shit and she ends up falling for him. I mean, are we now trying to tell guys like that that it’s okay? Cause if we are, I don’t agree with it. I definitely didn’t agree with it in this book.